As Seen in 2017 Exhibition:

“Rail Providence”

Solo Exhibition at Redbud Gallery in The Heights

Houston is, among many things, a railroad town. Being a native Houstonian, I have crossed thousands of tracks and passed thousands of trains. It wasn’t until I was handed a camera while studying architecture that I grew to appreciate the unexpectedly beautiful aspects of urban life and the trains that run through it. Originally tasked in school with documenting architecture thru the lens to form a visual vocabulary, I quickly gravitated to the opposite….the dilapidated, eroded, remnants of modern society. This is Rail Providence: a combination of man-made and natural forces that coalesce into accidental works of art.  The images, from the sides of trains around the Houston MSA, are spiritual to me. They could not have happened without some form of intervention beyond our control. We may have provided the steel, the paint, the stenciling…even the graffiti, but nature provided the brush that combined the various media into the abstract expressionistic images in this exhibit. –David


Miss the Show?

If you couldn’t make it to Redbud Gallery for “Rail Providence”, no worries. Please, visit the online gallery for all of the images from the show as well as many others.

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